Year 2014

2014 has really been a long year, ups and downs, challenges and what not.

So in 2014, my mum was discharged of TB which was really a great relief for me.
My results for Year 2 was pretty good i guess. The seven of us finally reunited. I met someone really special.

In the pursuit of happiness, you may have lost yourself to the wrong person , got your heart into pieces, dignity trampled by people who wasn’t even worth it and many tearful nights. But all these are lesson learnt in life. You can’t get up if you never fell to your knees before.

I am the lucky few ones, to be able to meet someone special and creating memories for us to remember. The past doesn’t seem as bad as it seems because the present/future is more important.

Thank you mr.quek, for being my sanctuary during the bad times and giving me so much to hold on to. For being my sun, moon and stars. With your big heart and the love of your family, blessed with many firsts and hopefully not the last.

Thank you my girls for standing by all these years. They say friendships that last 7 years will last a lifetime.

Glad this year is ending off with a good note, with many great meet-ups, reconciliation, my supportive girls and my loving boyfriend.



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