Inspirational captain

Came across one of my friend’s facebook.

Inspires me alot. How could one be so positive about everything? Like real positive.
He must have gone through real much to have achieved so much today.
Lesson learnt(like i always say): never judge someone when you barely know him/her. He chooses what to show you.

Inspirational enough.

I always try to be one of those ‘the cup is half-full’ . But deep inside what i really feel ..’the cup is half-empty’. I always try to be positive but it was never the case. Pessimistic.

Then one day during dinner, my friend asked me.. “Babe, whats wrong with you nowadays? Do you know that you have to be happy about yourself before you can make people around you happy.”

Sadly most of the time, i don’t feel good about life or myself. Okay i’ll feel happy from time to time. But whenever i’m alone, busride alone, at night esp,, thoughts come flowing in. Stuffs like ‘am i ever important to anyone? Or burden?’ Its my insecurities that kills me most of the time.


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