It’s the mental that drains us the most.


One day, my friend asked me.
“Mirah, what’s wrong? your twitter.. Is it really that bad for you?”

The truth is yes, it is that bad.

Last night, I stood outside open doors, the empty room..I can’t help to wonder where is he, what is he doing now.

When no one was at home, i secretly sat in dad’s room, on his bed. Looking all around his belongings..when did this man became so selfish. I’d flip through all those albums, those pictures we took when I was younger..we seem to be like a much happy family. Things took its twist and turns. Home never felt like one anymore. No one’s home, always.

I might be laughing all the time, making people smile..but who exactly knows what I am going through?
So exhausted pretending to be someone else.

I wake up everyday, with so much questions, worries on my head.
Do you have any idea know scary it is for me to think about the future ?
Whenever my friends talk about their future, i kepy mum about it.
I’ve so much to pursue but i dare not even think about it.

Why should a marriage certificate strangle two who ain’t happy together?







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