Back on track.

This is the last weekend before gradnight is over. Yes ah. Freaking happy. No more work to do! 😀 Then it’s realy time to find a job!
Note to Thunder & XQ: it’s next month 😀

It has been fulfilling these past week. Finally, life’s back on track 🙂
For everything that seems bleak, sees a ray of sunshine. For everything that seems distant is right back with me. When forever really seems possible for us. The first quarter of the year was shit. But i guess it’s turning better for me, for us.

My weekend was awesome. Jello with Shawn & Eugene. Went to meet X at neverland & supper together with JQ & silin. Saturday was with loves at some weird place where literally everyone was smoking inside an air-conditioned room. We walked out smelling like packs of cig. And freak, my hair reeks of the smell. Die, i’m gna die if i walk out of the room now.
Then it was Phuture baby! 🙂 Aftermath, supper nearby called Spize. I didn’t really eat thou. But i shall try it next time! 😀
Alex is prolly gna kill me when he sees this 😮

I’ve serious sleeping problems nowadays 😦 seems like every time i reach home, i prolly fall asleep only when the sun is out. That is bad! And when i fall asleep, it’s only a few hours till i’m awake. Save meeee!


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