My VIVA’s date is set. 31st of January 12pm. Count me lucky or what. First day of the presentations for the whole cohort.

I’ve been skipping school almost the whole week but focused doing work at home. Just gonna sign the attendance out there. Surprisingly I’m more productive at home then school & I don’t waste time travelling around.

Been to y yeye’s wake almost the whole week, accompanying her 🙂 Stay strong girl !  And we did a lot of stupid stuffs. Playing donkey/mj and the loser will have to put peanuts on the ears and face. And not forgetting going TP to watch volleyball matches. I think the number of times me going TP is more than me going school kays.

Friday. I finally get to drive out. And after that day, I think I’ll just be a passenger rather than a hazard on the road. My driving sucks and surprisingly, after not driving for like damn long, I still know how to park the car. The best part, I didn’t knew about midnight parking and just got fined 50$ cause I put the normal parking coupons.And the fine came 5 minutes after i park the car (Y). gao lat suay.

I just realised a cigg burn on my arm cause by Eugene while he was happily drunk blabbering nonsense. Ass! I’m gna get my revenge after this.

this whole thing is funny. like you could talk to a stranger you’ve never met before/or just met for hours and sometimes you can’t talk to a friend you’ve known for years for minutes. this is ironic.

‘Firework’ is a very addictive song. It’s more than a song that people dance to in the clubs. It’s a testimonial of hopes and dreams. It’s inspiring.

The darn valentines day is coming.

Now, it’s time to head back to report 😥


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