My favourite initial.

Took a day off from school and finally went to the doc. Surprisingly the visitation took me only 1.5 hour at the polyclinic. Still coughing like one mad dog. I feel the ache in my stomach from all these coughing. And I have to swallow pills which I doubt anybody will love it.

Project is due next week and I don’t see the completion line at all. Damn, I wanna get this over and done.
Heading for Eugene’s 21st tml, I’m gna chiong all my work in the day. MUST DO!

Life’s a bitch nowadays, with all the bad luck around me. Even when it come to simple things like a dare. I lost 5 times out of 5 sets! Wth is that. Lost my phone on new year, had a great fall on new year. 2011 is definitely not a good year for me. I lost a friend important to me. Till today things may look the same but actually not. Maybe he’s just busy.

But not forgetting the awesome acquaintance I met in clubs,school or what ever place & being closer to the girls are the comfort for all the suayness. And not forgetting P & XQ (glad that we’re flying soon)!



I’m losing my focus, passion & drive.
& I need it.



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