Happy New Year.

Happy new year 🙂

This new year was much different with new people new experience.
It was a heavy price to pay but that night was still awesome! (Y)!

Year 2010 was pretty much awesome if I don’t mention the heartbreaks here and there.
Firstly, I got my driving licence! (And removing the yellow plate soon). Then took out my mum out for a ride. My very first camp. & Red Camp/Legacy Camp. Decided to grow longer hair, but chopped it off later in the year. Grew fatter (sheesh, it happens every year :/ ). Gave up hope in believing in ‘Forever’. My sissy’s: tian & ho.  My 19th birthday. Me & P’s relationship got better 🙂 My very first clubbing experience @Zouk, followed by many other nights. Met new random people here and there. But lost an important friend just because of misunderstandings. Booked my first air tix to fly with P & XQ, can’t wait. Not forgetting, had an awesome 31.12.2010 spent with awesome people.

I gave up thinking about new year resolution cause I don’t carry them out. Let’s just live the way life it is.


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