Thumping Beats

It’s been a very short week with Public Holiday on Wed πŸ™‚
Em drove to school, so we went out for Claypot Rice. And it’s pretty cheap too. School is boring, and yet many things to do. Here and there. Rushed home,change and left for town. I’m meeting the class for dinner:) So long never see them, still no change. HAHA! Miss their nonsense.

Went to ION to meet Sharon & Ying. And I came out from the train looking like an Indian 😦 I had a pimple right in between the brows and it was bleeding. I didn’t realise it until they told me. Liew super paiseh. We were gna go Zouk :)And I can’t believe I managed to survive the whole night with my heels.

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Love them πŸ™‚

I forgot what I posted here that I wanted to tell you. But I guess it’s fine now, cause it won’t bother me any-more.
Never make anything your everything. When you lose that something, you lose everything.


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