so much fun, so much love ♥

I haven’t been updating this space for sometime I guess.
Busy with school nowadays.

Thursday. deepavali eve. PH . the shit damn 960! took 50 minutes from woodlands to bp. Drove like a snail when there’s no traffic condition. What’s with the driver man, 老娘 can drive faster than you. In th end, i took a cab. The uncle super caring, ask me go eat dinner cos empty stomach not good. He asked me to teach him english & gave me a discount ! HAHA!  I was late for the dinner, ended up no dinner for me. Was Jason’s bday. Had a celebration for him. Kays, see alot of unexpected faces 🙂

Saturday(Y). Zouk with girls & new friends. Kays, one final time before school starts again:/ love the dice game ! 🙂 The ride back was cool yo. He plays techno mixes made by his DJ friends and zzhnged lights inside his cab. Feels like another round of partying.

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2 consecutive nights. my liver’s black now. I need to rest/do work, then back to school 😥

it’s raining outside & it’s cold. I wish there was someone to share some warmth with me :/


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