First day=OH不!

First day of school, I was damn early. What for, I also don’t know.

Now no Sinyee to take shuttle bus in the morning with me, no Shinyee to go random Mac lunches after school , no Phoebe to sampat charbor & fantasize about SHINee with me, no Zhiying for me to disturb, no Kanchiong spider peishan, no vroom vroom helmet Chewwy, no Jeremy’s loud music through his earpiece, no JM’s sowwie,no Banqi’s Uncle pattern, no weiyang to sing glee songs with me, no Baha’s cat face … OH不! School Life’s so boring :((((

Last time the class so noisy lor, keep bullying the dno who. Now in eventure, so quiet. Can hear 乌鸦叫 & the aircon sound. Tsk, Sibei boring urh.

No more YTF, the 2nd worst thing 😦 Auntie & Uncle never sell anymore & the new one don’t even taste good lor, don’t have 妈妈的味道:( OH不!



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