Painful as it seems, grows a fear.

My whole week was pretty eventful.
I was in school on Mon to Wed helping in the SBC Camp. Met alot of new people, younger people. Feel so old when i looked at them :X But overall, it was a success 🙂

Went to met Krys & the rest to celebrate Zac/Mervin/Elyas birthday, followed by tou huay supper. And cause we were too lazy we ended cabbing home. The trip back was definitely entertaining and hilarious!

Friday, superman & the rest came to fetch me for supper at Holland.V. The shops there closes quite early so we settled for some pizza. Not bad eh, still like quite romantic cause gt candles, kel’s favourite.

Saturday, I went to meet Sisters out since JERRY’S away. Heh, no la. We went shopping and Ah-tian got the most loots. & the best part, we ate some damn awesome XLB! & the colors are like crayon-like, damn cute. And the dining ambience was (Y)! Heh, rushed down to Weiting’s 21st party. It was a meetup with the VB seniors, writing in the guestbook & a failed attempt to sing the bday song in a choir. Fail X 10 !

Me & Fann hitched a ride from Sharon to Zouk. Yes, girls night out! Only 3 of us & ying with couple of her friends. Everthing yestd feels like a dream.I can’t remember vividly what happened yesterday. Like until I saw Sara’s wall post, then I suddenly remembered that I saw her there! HAHA! OMG!
Nights with girls are always awesome! 😀


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