Back and forth of the Moon! ♥

Drenched Rain + Beatles Rock Band + Steamboat + Lanterns + Candles + Sparkles + Bubbles = ♥

It was raining HEAVILY otw to J’s house. Me & C had to share one and she kept pulling it away from me. I had my shoes on and stepped onto puddles of water 😦
Initially, I was quite excited to play Rock Band. But then..yeah, we still played for like 2 hours plus. Conclusion is: I think Beatles has limited vocabulary. HAHA!  When we finally decided to quit the game, slouch in the couch for some TV, it was time to go get the food.

Dinner was (Y)!
Went down to the park to play with lanterns & we took many pictures too 😀

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tuesday was a meetup with girls before sharon flies. Had a awesome time tgt talking about secondary school days (:


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