I feel like tsk-ing people now.

Met Superman for dinner and went to get my DIY stuffs (:
💡 I revamped the interior of the drawer.
From some ugly dirty stained white with patches of residue from stickers I pasted when I was younger and ignorant TO this beautiful chio floral pattern pasted careful with pink acrylic painted all around the sides.

I’m so proud of myself 😉
So I decided to do the same for the other 3 bigger drawers. Who wants to offer a helping hand?
Please call me at…..AHAH! Kuku then will put handphone no. here (:

I’m so hungry now & craving for supper 😦
Who wants to vroom vroom and go for supper nowxz?

You should totally just watch this.

Sucha shame. My jap dropped 12 level down after watching this. FAINTS!

People tonight out making merry, I at home making shit. 🙄
And I just wasted 2 hours of my life thinking about that. 🙄
I should just go to sleep and ignore whatever going through my brain. 🙄


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