After grad meeting, we practically just slacked the whole afternoon.
While waiting for Alex to finish his work, we’re supposed to think of what to eat for dinner.
Then we mention Zi-Char, Botak Jones, Ashton’s and so on…
But in the end, we ate steamboat at Alex’s place.
The whole thing was so sudden.
Damn Awesome! You know why? Cause I will only take me 10minutes to reach home (:

I might be saying bye to holidays cause I might be starting work soon.
Mon-Fri, Office hours! So excited cause I see money rolling in (:

Since young, I’ve been a pretty superstitious person. Bad omens, Horoscopes all those unreal stuffs lurh, all I naively believe!
So like 5 minutes ago, our picture on my wall fell down. Is that a bad sign/bad omen? HAH! I faster go pick it up and use MORE/GAO GAO bluetack & reshape the bluetack properly so it got more grip to the wall. Now it’s gonna stay there like concrete ; same goes for us 😀

Speaking of horoscope, NAH!
For the Leos ( SAME SAME AS ME!,all the 热情的人 )

Open your eyes, ears — and heart! The key to fun, flirty times now is to approach your life with an anything-goes attitude while still noticing each and every tiny detail and sharing them with others.

Time Check: 4.35AM
FREAK, HOW COME I’M STILL FREAKING AWAKE! And the whole post seems as thou the author is having bad-mental condition. It must be to much alcohol. Ah kidding, I don’t drink (:

Gays, I’m gonna sleep and i’ll fullstop this post by this.

After taking off the fake peacock falsies/ GAO GAO eyeliner, my 素颜 one eye(:
Okay, like nothing also! -.-”  One eye only.
My Melayu friends if you want to know the Chinese characters, you can translate.
Hah, I guess the probability of having Malay to read is only 0.00001 % = Syu.
Cause I’m Chinese! 😀


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