I always have awesome weekends (:

Tuesday’s paper was the last paper for me in Ngee Ann! (Hopefully)
To really mug for that paper, I slept for 20 minutes only! &woke up early in the morn to meet Jacq and study!

Reward for studying so hard=Ice Cream!

Butterscotch is best TTM!
But this tub started all the flu/coughing.
I was deprived of sleep and next thing I wanna do is to go home and sleep.
God knows I took 2 hours to reach home! The bus was stucked in the traffic.
All thanks to those Msia trucks at Kranji.

Friday night was visiting at Granny’s house. Her cooking is the best! 🙂
My head was blasting.
Headed out with girls and ms.lim for some fun (:

Sat was (Y).
Meeting new friends & connect with the old friends (:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You ain’t even a speck of dust in my eyes (:

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