Happy Birthday :)

I’ve kept this place stagnant for sometime 😦

Thursday was Class Outing Day! Teehee!
We went for dinner @Fish&Co. It was a scrumptious meal.
Headed down to Yellow Jello for some drinks. And I saw Pearlyn there. Small world hurh.
The girls left earlier cause it’s the Month & the guys were bored I guess. So only me, Pb,Jerms, Jm stayed longer.
Jm eyes was like going into an empty state after 2 glass only. Loussyyyy :X
(Pray he doesn’t sees this)

My weekends was awesome too! Stayed over at the loft for the weekends for Grad Night Planning. Had a mini celebration for Al & Annie (:
HAPPY 21! Loh Jian Hong 🙂
HAPPY 18! Annie 🙂

Both nights in loft we had steamboat. Omg! I feel so guilty! :X
Yesterday night we went to catch Inception at J8! 😀 Damn cool movie!
I don’t mind watching it again 😀

And thanks guys for the Ang Bao :)) I will get it soon :)) Thanks thanks 🙂


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