Let’s go, but not tonight.

I got assignment deadline tml and I’m feeling bad bout it. Tonight, die also must complete it. I’m going school on a Sunday to meet my group-mates and wrap up all the fucking reports.

In order to survive this night, I took a lot of long naps and my homemade mocha with instant coffee & Vanhouten cocoa powder.

Girls are clubbing tonight and I can’t go. They spend their night away making merry, I spend my night making shit 😦 Well, I guess I’ll just have to complete my work first ((:
Assignments are a bitch, and I know many out there will agree with me. Perhaps I should just stop whining and just do when I still have the chance to study. i feel mustache growing out from all this stress already. Die, what happened to my female hormones? Do some work please!

Just a fun-fact about me. I cannot look in someone eyes for more than 10 seconds when talking to him or her. Seriously I also don’t know why. I’ll feel very shy about it :X I bet you don’t know about this.

I just love the smile on her face (:

I’m actually feeling excited when i see your text. hehe, I must be mad now (:


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