Raining cats and dogs.

Earlier this morning, it was raining like hell. I almost skipped class cause the weather was too nice for me to snuggle in my blanket. But I still went to school for IS modules.

During WISP, Sir asked us to collect our “presents” which consist of a stone/pebble and a small Singapore flag sticker. HAHA! Then we did nothing in class for 2 hours! Wah, I should just continuing sleep and my wonderful dream (:

Something bad happened to me today 😦 I fell on my butt on the stairs cause the floor was too slippery and my flips totally gave in. I didn’t shout or scream cause it happened too fast, even al who was beside me didn’t realise it. Alvin & ahtian behind me caught me falling in Live Action. Feels so disgraceful can. And now, there’s a damn big orh-chezh there. Tsk tsk.

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