Thankful I still have you.

Friday night was out with poly loves @ Timbre (: DChia came too after he booked out. Love the brownie. It was a simple dinner but I guess everyone enjoyed it (:

I wanted to stay up and do work. But I was really damn tired, So I went to sleep for awhile, woke up in the early morning to do work 😦

Feeling very dulan with my hair,I decided to go cut my hair. The fringe became so much shorter lurh & I’m totally not used to it can. The stylist recommended me to go perm or rebond. Well, I think I’ll think about it for a short while.
Superman came to fetch us and went to office to pass the car. And then we were trapped in the jam. GG! So otw to bugis, we were like demanding the uncle to give us discount. Okays, he gave..40 cents. Better then nth! 🙂 And oh, we had the kor bbq with those veggie and garlic! :X Awesommmmme shit manxz!

Headed to Loof to chill and the environment was really not bad (: We played truth or dare. I got this dare to like tell someone it’s my birthday and ask them to sing me a birthday song. I feel damn paiseh can. The waiter kinda cute thou:X

Cabbed down to BL’s chalet. Initially we wanted to go home, but when we saw him coming back, then we decided to go back. We played indian poker, 5 10 15 with the rest. Lost until sian. Okays lurh, they all still not bad..

I just reached home like 6am. My eyelids are getting heavier but I can’t sleep. After a whole day of fun, it’s back to reality; assignments!

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