Met girls and headed off to town for dinner. The food was awesome! and the environment was allright but the service is GR88888888888888! Except that the place was tad of small. Those who love sashimi should go there. It’s fresh, thick slices of salmon will make you go mad. Like MAD! Sharon had to finish all those salmon sushi. I might go back there again ((:

Accompanied yy to “check-in” her attendance at Zouk.Sharon, Gina & Jiamei left first (: While we were thinking where to go chill, we walked back and fro. We decided to go clarkequay.While waiting for our bus, we decide to go town. Then we decided to go home. Then we decided to go home by cab. Then when we flagged for the cab, there was cabs insight but many didn’t stop. Then we decided to just train back to woordlands(:

We saw this party limousine. Damn cool allright! Jasper was like saying of we post it on stomp, we can get money. I mean like why not, one person $10. better than nth (: Singaporean’s mentality.

Uruguay lost. Awwww, I almost bought 3-2 on Uruguay. In the end Germany won. Actually I’m not in favor of any specific teams but i think this season’s world cup is like allright only.

I pray Spain wins. If they win 3-2, I’ll go buy the iPod touch or classic immediately! 🙂

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