Small love, Big Love, All is Love.

Friday was really a tiring dayyyyy for me! I slept for only 4 hours and headed to school for class. Gr8 thing is, I’ve brought my laptop without my battery, & my AC! I felt to helpless cause I have to complete my FPL Reflection.And later during the day, I have to do E-learning on one of the modules. Hanqiang borrowed me his! Just like save my life! Thank urh!

Ahtian bought peppermint oreo for me. I wanted to get a spoon from the cupboard to scoop the oreo bits. Super looking forward. When I came back, alphonsus knocked into my drink and everything spilled. WAH! Sainxz! Super excited to eat the bits lurh at first. TSK TSKS!

Went back, showered and went to Mr.Andy’s condo for bbq. It was meant for the new excos and going-step-down excos (: Can say we kinda of know each other more? A bit of a bonding lo.

After that, headed off to Ph. And I was late. Sorrrrrrrrrryy. Super flaming Lambo was like (Y)! Thanks Andy (: I guess we were all kinda of gone-cased. Esp Syu! That crazy women ! HAHA! 😀 J was there too. Another gone caser! Xb & Mclin came too and it’s been thousand years since I saw them! 3 years?! allright they are still the same (:  Given Syu’s state of mind, we have to leave the place. And I’m sorry for spilling the milo 😦 Syu and wenjie wanted to take the first train, so they stayed there while I went back first with Kadson &zhihao. Okay, these 2 also years never see each other! Meet up next time with the rest of the group kays? But not at th club please.

Reached home at 6 and I have to be at school for meeting at 10! 2 hours of sleep only lor! Then we went for this aweseomest paper wrapped chicken! WAH SHIOK TTM! is FUCKING NICE!

Okays, need to prepare now. Meeting the girls l8r for Jap food (YY’s celebration)!

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One thought on “Small love, Big Love, All is Love.

  1. babe =) no worries okay!
    and thanks for taking care of me! sorry that i got drunk!

    *lesigh. really cannot club anymore la. but i really prefer butter still =) music and drinks are so much better! should go there one day together okay! there, i am more daring to dance with guys cos the people who goes into butter are more gentleman you can say that ^.^

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