I think we’ll be together for a lifetime.

I got back my ITO paper today. A pass but not ideal enough (D+). There’s kind of a pattern in my CT results. Total of 3Ds. It’s like playing mahjong, 3 of the same kind, PENG! Teehee, I know this comparison is kinda stupid but true enough:)

I met Fann, Sharon, YY, Gina & Janice for dinner today ā™„. We really had a great time complaining to each other our problems, attachment stories. And also so much laughing. Me, Sharon & Fann spent like 5 minutes infront of the Starbucks counter laughing over nothing, over what to drink. Kinda the dumb but yeahs šŸ™‚ See. It doesn’t matter what we eat, where we go.At the end of the day, we’ll still have fun šŸ™‚ We’ve been through alot, those minor quarrels and things. But I think now, after not being able to study together in the same school , I think it somehow made us appreciate each other more.

I’ve feel like giving up sometimes, but I still want to give it a last try. I haven’t really thought of my future. Shall I continue with my studies or go out to the working society? Or shall I head for a different direction?Ā  What I know is I want momo to lead a comfortable life. That’s all .

There’s a reason t lock it up, because I don’t want to face it. Will you give yourself the benefit of doubt and not try to expose my inner secrets?


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