Vrooms, off we goooo :)

Fann drove us out for supper to Upper Thomson 🙂
But sadly only me,sharon, fann & yy.
HAHA, we cracked some jokes, good food, so that night was (Y).
Yy went home first while we all went to Fann house.
Soon, I was feeling not alright after the games. HAHA, and crazy tasks. We talked about all of us 🙂 I’m happy cause now i know them even better. We often wonder. For those who used to be with us, if they saw pictures seeing how strong we are still going, how would they feel about?
In the end we just slept till 9 plus and went home.
The cab uncle thinks he is humorous. I was talking to sharon about my mum locking up the door.
Then he suddenly passed me his key, “Nah, you say she lock the door right ? Take this”
Wth! If that was really his house key, I’ll check out his address and just find some people to go hijack the house. Just kidding, I won’t do such a thing.
He might be some crazy person..


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