With so much we’ve once shared, we didn’t make it through.

I didn’t go back to school yesterday for volleyball 😦
I just missed another chance to visit them.
I missed Mr.Kheng lurh, he’s my 恩师 🙂 Till now, I really think he is a major person that created an impact in my life. Well, words just can’t express how much I thank him 🙂
Haha, Of course not forgetting coach dot. & ms.lim 🙂

yy tagged me in a facebook note “100 questions” and one of the questions was : If you could turn back time, where would you want to go?
Honest answer: Secondary school.
It holds too much of my memories there. Getting to know the girls which till now, we’re still staying strong thou some left us. Haha, and the first time the biggest tiff i had with them over some stupid monetary stuffs. And of course the happy moments. The first ever birthday surprise I had 🙂 Still remember i cried like hell lurh!
These memories are deeply etched in my heart, and they can never be replaced 🙂
So these words are for you.
Thank you for being with me all these years and I hope we’ll still be together for the years to come 🙂 I love you girls.

Falling in love, staying in love, falling out of love is easy peas. To forget the person you once loved so much, is harder and more than what it takes to love.

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