I was out the whole day busy preparing for the class bbq (:
Got the stuffs and went Shin’s house and prepare.
HEHE, like most of the people came (: Some got really lost when coming to her house, took 2 hours to reach ? :X The rest was pretty much taken back with the sambal stingray. That youngest kiddo in our class was like whining. Well, we haven’t seen him whine to that extent before in class. Thanks to the stingray, we saw his truest colors. hahaha, I think tonight’s a pretty happy gathering with all the crappings and everyone made an effort to come (: And first time ever that we finshed everything! YES EVERYTHING! No food wasted lei! like pro right! And I love my irritating classmates 😀

HAHA, I smell so nice after bathing, applied all the creams needed and I’m feeling super sleepy now.

Super no mood for World Cup, I think it’s just rubbish now. Shall only watch when it’s last few phases of the matches 🙂

I’m looking forward to this friday with love♥.
Don’t think i really need a boyfriend now since I’ve got my girls with me :))
Guys are just major disappointments, so no point letting them ruining my happy days.
Off you goooo, get outta my mind. Greatly appreciated 🙂

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