Happy Happy Birthday :)

Wireless Technology.
Hah, I think I’m gonna be dead too 🙂
But at least better than CRM.
IT Outsourcing is friday and definitely, it’s gonna be harder than all the paper.
My lecturer confirmed it with me.
Enough of the sad stuffs.

Today is Sinyee’s birthday:)
So we had planned a small surprise for me.
Me, P & Emily went down to KAP to ambush first.
We walked in the Mcdonalds holding onto her cake 🙂
I hands was like totally trembling.
What if I walked and fall . Super shameful.

The whole day, I wasn’t feeling very well.
My old injury hurts due to the cold weather.
My stomach hurts when I was halfway doing my paper.
The feeling was like needles pricking you.
It continued till when I was having lunch.
And now, my eyeballs feels like it’s gonna drop out . Super pain.


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