If only I had some special brain power like a super computer.

I had my first paper today, It sucks to the max.
I didn’t complete the paper. And even for those questions i attempted, It was not a very confident one too.
The feeling is disgusting when you know you put in effort to like really pay attention and even sacrifice your sleep just to study, but you still don’t know how to do.
The content in the text is very messy. Here and there, everywhere.
I’m feeling damn tired now.
With many things on hand ( non test stuffs ), wah everytime i hear that phone ring i also pissed.
I’m gonna need to rush them out by this week if possible.

Super no motivation to study now.
There Wireless Technology tomorrow.
How I wished that the notes have some kind of wireless connection with my brain 😦
So that can just retrieve back here and there. Wah sure damn shiok.
Must be 802.11n standard.

I cooked my soup today cause I missed the soup that we had yesterday at the restaurant.
It was wintermelon soup. But, haha, I don’t know how does the wintermelon look like.
And my soup tasted like a lighter version of soy sauce. But I still like it 🙂
But I still missed the soup 😦

Pimple growing here and there.

I need to get a haircut.
It’s more than just a hair cut.
It marks a fresh beginning.

Once in a while, I still think of you.


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