Some arts for living.

Back from outside (:
I went for zhenyang’s concert at esplanade with corrine,jerry & his dad.
See, I so got class ! :X (trying to act like one)
The concert was at esplanade. It’s been like years since i went for one.
I think it was pretty good. They played songs from anime too.
Waited for his brother to come out and we went for dinner and shopped for crocs.
Dinner is awesome I think (:
Then went back to jerry’s house and play cards.
We bought a lot of muachee! Damn nice! I love the strawberry! 😀 Chocolate / Peanut not bad 🙂
So unfair can! I keep losing until the last round, I finally won!
We cabbed home after that cause it was a bit late too.

I did some very stupid stuff today.
Tried to pose like the small girl in the poster. In the end, I banged into the fire extinguisher.
And it’s super loud la. Luckily only Corrine see!

AND AND AND! Sister got me a Ritz Sports White chocolate to motivate me for my CT!
HAHA! Thank you sister! Love you!
I was happily eating it just now & I realize that my brother likes it too.
So I hid my chocolate in some ulu area of the fridge.
I’m so gonna be selfish this time and I don’t care. Herh!

I just came out from the bath and I feel so clean & sleepy now !
I don’t feel like studying now but I don’t have the choice.
My price for having fun outside (:

I’d love to live in some fairytale someday(:


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