My new start.

If you realized, I’ve changed to a new skin.
Lesser details, no tagboards due to the spams by blogshops. Super no class.
If you wish to leave me a comment, there’s the comment button at the end of every post.
I’ll be glad to see comments 🙂

I’ve finished my IS presentation today and I think we did a fairly good job?
Yes, now I can focus more on my CT. But I can’t seem to find motivation.
I accidentally fell asleep while doing my slides and sudden woke up at 4 in the morning with my Vaio/lights on. The best part about it, I haven’t finish the work or rather I just started on it.
Rushed out the slides and went back to sleep again.
I was late meeting for the last run through :X

Went back with J (:
The DDD paper was difficult i guess, but don’t worry superman. It’s gonna be alright (:
Right after school was home. I need sleep to replenish some of the brain cells.

Tomorrow I’m going to b.kiat’s 21st.
I haven’t got his present yet. And I’m kinda nervous and excited and scared.
We haven’t met the rest of the 338 clique for like years and now suddenly a birthday party.
But nevermind, I guess the drinks will warm us up (:

I want to run run run and cut some fats. But I’m lazy. HEHE!
But at least I’m trying to control the dieting. More fruits and veggie in my ytf.
Drink more water than soft drinks. Actually I’m not a big fan of those sweetened drinks/chips (:


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