Oh holy yes, weekends are coming. And Common Test. And Holidays.
My weekends are to study for CT, and also a timeslot for Xb’s 21st.
This is gonna be the last Common Test in my 3 years in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.
And my holidays which I can’t really enjoy cause I’ve assignments to clear, accounts to settle.
I wished I had the money to at least go on a short getaway trip.
But I rather put it aside for my iPhone fund.
I’m want to get it on my own ability ,rather than asking my parents/others to pay for it(:
It’s time to learn and be independent already.

I slept at close to 5am yesterday and only had 3 hours of sleep.
School today was all about intensive revision. I want to make the best out of this. Chiong for CT, at the expense of sacrificing my sleep and fun nights.

Been looking forward to mr.tang saying “End of class, any questions?”
I love the buses today cause I didn’t wait long for them and I’ve got seats too.
Met Corrine & Jerry for dinner, true fans of MOS . But I think the food standard kinda drop due to all the MOS freshies working in there. But I guess the company was more important.
Zhenyang came and we went to get his shirt for his band concert on Sun. I hugged this awesome 1m teddy bear in John Little that only cost 20$. I feel like getting it and it can be my part-time boyfriend(:
Guys are forever shopping for watches & girls shopping for shoes.
I drank the best apple juice with aloe vera bits inside. Heaven.

Next up, I need to finish the compilation of the work, finish my work, and study study study!
Hope the stuffs gets into my mind.

Tuesday: WT
Wednesday: Study
Thursday: Study
Friday: ITO & Holiday & Ric’s bday & Ph.
Saturday:Rowing day + Rest
Sunday: Concert?
After all this is done, my holiday officially starts.

I want to go overseas. To many countries.
Tioman, Bali, Bangkok, USA, Rome/Paris, London, Taiwan, Korea, Hongkong.

And now I miss the teddy bear 😦


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