Seams to inches.

How i wish they had this in Singapore.

I slept till 12 plus when class starts at 11 & ends at 1pm.
Went back to school in the afternoon to do project. But they ended the discussion already.
So I went to the library looking for Dr.Tan (:
Together with Marvin, they both mugging like hell.
I’ve like totally no access to the internet cause the connection sucks & my vaio sucks.
Had dinner and went to Starbucks. Caramel Machiato (Y).
Call me crazy or what, cause I feel damn sleepy after coffee treats. It works the reverse way for me.

I hate the GSS cause I’m broke now.
With many birthdays coming up and late nights fun, I’m gonna be poorer.

I cannot set focus on studying now. Both mentally&physically tired. It’s definitely not about the late night partying and all the bull shitting about not having enough sleep, I’m just tired bout life, the shit that’s happening, the criticisms.
I feel angry cause it doesn’t apply to all.
At least i know my mum & maternal family are people who live with integrity.
They live by their beliefs and values in which i respect them for. Though I’m not like them, at least I keep my actions to myself.
Call me a loser or what. They are my family, and eventually they are the ones who is gonna stay and support me throughout my entire life. And don’t bring your jokes too overboard. There’s a limit to everything.


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