My loves.

My weekends was a pretty crazy one.

Woke up damn early and went dragonboat. sores here and there and I need to go for land training for better stamina and endurance. Thou tiring,but it was damn fun (:
Had lunch with the rest and went to look for lina while they go to Ikea.
Slacked around and went to Novena to wait for loves.
We had a celebration for Ruvyn . 20 YEARS OLD!
Had dinner at this place at Novena. The food just tasted weird.
The onion soup, the lobster soup, the pasta.
I guess the nicest one was Garlic Bread.
But their set lunch looks nice. Perhaps someday I’m gonna go there for lunch (:
Wanted to go for Ice-cream but we were all to damn full !
Headed to United Square and cut cake for ruvyn .
Got 20 small candles for him to blow and with a distance!
Back to cwp and we wanted to sing ktv.
In the end we went to Ruvyn’s house.
KO-ed. And i had to take care of the rest -.-

But i know we all enjoyed ourselves.
And perhaps we all gonna go overseas sometime? ((:
Our clique getting smaller already 😦


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