I don’t like you being here and there.

I don’t really like fridays, cause lessons are pretty meaningless.
Today is a complete cabbing day. Waste money!
But I have to! cause I woke up damn late for class.
The previous night I slept at 5 plus in the morning.
Way home was raining so heavily & I really need to rush home asap.
Cab with Sam & Zac.
Going to the supermarket, Redman store doesn’t really make me feel that happy today.
I don’t know what’s going on with me except trying to shut myself up.

Lunch was Mac. Sin 😦
Dinner was home-cooked Agio-Olio.
Met Love at cwp and bought some stuffs.
&I’m gonna start reading my Cleo .

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5 plus and reach kallang by 7 for DB.
It’s even earlier than school timetable lurh 😦
My prediction on tomorrow will be aching muscles, blacked-skin,

No doubt. Today is a Friday night and I’m sitting infront of my laptop blogging .
If I’ve a car now, I’ll be spinning around Singapore cause it’s so suffocating at home.
Life sucks.

This post might just be the longest post ever in this week.

It painful when you see yourself losing the battle to reality and there isn’t really much you could do. I wish it was easy putting down cause it kinda hinders me now. I wish I could be a spoilt brad for once, and let me do anything I want.


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