Everything is coming to an almost end.

Year 3 now, And I suddenly realize how much I’ve not achieved for myself in this 3 years.
Putting friends first, sometimes doesn’t really payback. One day,no matter what, eventually they’ll leave.I can understand why, but sometimes it gets a little overboard. Trying to put a smile here and there, when I wished I could just be aloof to everything.I crinkle my toes whenever I feel uneasy & I’ve been doing that for the whole day. Sometimes, It’s so tired that there seems no point carrying on.Homework sucks, really sucks. Every sunday, “Oh , shit. Tml’s Monday”. I’m just looking forward to weekends so I can just have some fun. But after the fun ends, back to track and gets empty again. What a life.

You never tried to ask.

I want to be God, so I’ll know what’s on people’s mind.


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