Out of control.

I’m sick ttm! :((
The feeling just sucks man. And I’ve to cancel the dinner with my SB class 😦
And not only me, my brother too . Seems like it’s spreading around the house.
I wished there was company when I visited the clinic cause i hate the waiting time and being alone (

Sunday, I was out celebrating sister’s birthday (:
Alex drove us down to bugis to meet the rest. We went into the restaurant first while waiting for her. It was meant to be a surprise (:
Went to arcade to look for Al. Tsk, forever MT one. haha, then we went to EpiCentre to get her the ipod. I guess she was happy.
Drove down to Kallang Leisure for Movie and caught Ip Man 2. It was nice lurh ! Very interesting.
Accompanied alex to Tanah Merah and went home (:

This morning I woke up and I was F late for class already Think because of the fever and the drowsiness of the medicine. Mum asked me to go to see the doctor . I need ample rest now, if not tml i’m gonna die. My head is spinning around. omgxzxz


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