My perfect date.

Since I have pretty much time, shall write some of my thoughts.
I just watched this korean drama and was inspired to write this post.

My perfect date.
I love romantic scenarios & surprises. Like how dramas always portrays it.
But it does not need to be extravagant. If it’s truly from the heart, even the smallest action is worth more than any other expensive presents in the world. Thou i love them, I don’t need it everyday. Once in a while, I’ll be contented enough. The gf talks about flowers and he tells you that you can forget about receiving flowers cause he thinks its a waste of money and it’s a very malu thing to do . But one day, you see him standing there waiting for you , looking him holding to the flowers feeling very malu, I swear my heart will melt. The kind of surprises i like is like seeing the difference in him when he does something for you that is not within your expectations / beyond his limit.

I’m feeling super sick now 😦
I don’t like .

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