Fun-lover, party-goers

Was @ pwrhouse yestd (:
First time clubbing with some of them and new friends (:
I was late due to the accident otw. Sorry elyas :X

The visit down was because to surprise xwz (:
Wanted to see the expression on his kuku face!
So all along, I was like texting him asking whether is it fun there, and try to act like paiseh cause his seniors gonna be there all those stuffs. & he’s been asking me to go. But he didn’t know that actually i was on my way down to pwrhs (: haha, the face was classic. HAHA!

Was with krystal, elyas, xwz & andy. first time gng with them.
Joseph & wf came down. Then alex meet us

And we met yongjie, mark, km, zy,ben there. HAHA! it was unintentional one (:

The music was soso but i guess it was the company that makes it good (:
It was abit of KO for me :X
So everything that happened last night, can’t really remember clearly.



new friend (:

xwz (:

new friend, krystall.
good to know here cause she’s another party-goer 🙂

yj, what’s with that face man.

It was a fun night.


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