new classmates, new class, new modules.
I’m so tired after day 1 & still not in studying mood 😦

price giving and module presentation was boringg.
My attention was fully on my phone, ebuddy-ing & facebook.

the class spent like 1 hour and after i left class another 1 hour to decide on the group.
Tsk, I pekcek till i just leave the class.

Met xwz, ahtian and alvin @ clubhouse (:
xwz bought me a audio-technica headphone ((:
Pink in colour! Thanks ;D

Alex dad gave me a ride home (:

Visuals. All before Flintstones fall.

Go guys, go protect the country (:

Take picture with him must give stupid face (y)!
okays, ignore the hideous eyes.

alex extra!


My new friend, samantha 😀

Joseph, time to get a tan. So fair!



I need to sleep man!


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