I never told you. Secrets.

Let me tell you what I did these few days.

Was dinner with girls! Me, janicetan, yy, fann, gina.
Awesome dinner! We had a lot of time laughing together.
And yy’s mouth stings after eating the durian pancake.
Caught clash of the titans 3D. I think the movie was over-rated. I prefer percy jackson.
Accompanied superman to fetch her family back from japan (:

Kukuwomen crashed my house! oh no! Idk why after she came, the internet sucks. Must be aura laa . HAHA! Had pizza hut for dinner & It was super cheap can. They got a 5 course meal now lurh. Feel so happy, like got people serve you in banquet, different course (:
for 12.90++, we got drinks, cross-fries, main, soup & dessert.
Shiokness! And we came across this damn stupid thing. We wanted to ask do we have the dessert, then this waiter said something that made us almost want to cry.
“Erh, sorry. I didn’t take your order”. LIKE DERH! Of course la, but can’t you help me check at the system or what.

@Bugis with yy& fann. They did some shopping there and after that yy went for her casting.
Me & fann walked from bugis to cityhall to central. (:
I wanted to get my Vans but 😦 I felt that I don’t have the urge to buy it.
Had dinner @ Manhattan Fish Market. Shiokness! Seafood platter! But we 2 were broke after the meal. Went to DP and didn’t see anything that I really like ? 😦
Sad, the whole day I went out, I didn’t get anything leiii ):
Need go on diet already. Buy clothes also easier (Y)!

Tml there is swimming session @ fang’s house, friday night perhaps Pwr.Hs ? And saturday sentosa & Phuture .

Wahkao , I need money!


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