One night of fun!

Met Al, corrine,jerry,alvin, ahtian, alex, isaac and the rest for steamboat. Somehow it was a leaders outing. The food was alright only.
After that we headed to St.James. It was the first time for some of them & really made my jaw drop. Jessica, Lina, Tongyang, Jocelyn were there playing the kakifuyong game. Totally ah! Like bring one bunch of kids out. HAHA, I think they haven’t recover from the post camp syndrome. Saw jogina, wenzhong & terence & some other WRSS people. Fking crowded. Dj Kzee (:
But i prefer phuture’s music more.
Super shag already after one night. cabbed down to tanjong pagar for Mac breakfast.
Why we go down there? Cause there was no people there and there is air-con! (:
Damn shiok lor eat the breakfast!
The rest took cab home. Andy walked me and jerry to the MRT station and wth, he stays just behind. I’m just totally one confused about tanjong pagar & tiong bahru.


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