At parallel lines, we’ll never meet.

I know this has been stagnant for the past 1 week.
Reason being I was in camp !
HAHA! Camp finally ended & it’s a bit of post camp withdrawal syndrome.

It’s been a tough & tiring week for us.
But there is so much love/help i received from the excos, ex-excos, leaders, NPSU and of course my Planning committee.I can’t find the word to describe how I’m feeling except gratitude.
I’m really touched to know this big family supporting me and encouraging me in many ways. This might be the last one for all of us, might be the first one. I’ll hope we’ll all grow a lot more stronger and wiser after all this. I feel kinda bad that I couldn’t do anything for you all except saying thank you and thank you.


Lastly some visuals.
@Night amazing race

limes and mr.medic.

Thanks you ex-excos, exex-excos! VERY MUCH!!!

during camp fire night!

me W/ Trisha! =D

April fool joke.

lepak one corner.

And the night I fell in love with.
@ NPSU FOC HopNite

Khai the old man! Thanks for all the help =D

In a blink of eye, school’s starting soon .


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