Tired like one jelly!

After days&nights at school, finally came back.
Was covering NPSU FOC media. I super like the cheers and all super high.
But I hope my camp will be like that too. ((:
And it’s next week. tuesday!
Booking in loft on monday. -roll eyes-

I have Mio installed to my TV & I see korean channel but ancient programs.
Movies also ancient. And got the YOYO tv, for the kids one. lols. and the best part is espn.
But too bad, Not my cuppa tea.

My stay there will alex they all, is fattening.
Practically, We are always eating, driving out for supper.

We’ve got alot of ingredients and isaac ahjuma help us cook them into a charpalang dish! Nice lurh!

I thought I would leave after 5 minutes in the hopnite.
But We stayed throughout.
Dj Kay-Z spinning yo.
And i love the light sticks.
Shall go stjames next time.

drove pat back & picked mum up.
Super irritating u-turns.
I don’t like lurhs.

I tired till that I’m trembling already.
F, I need to sleep.
Goodnights love.

Sometimes, I just hate your attitude boy.
Be careful with your words.


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