Pillar of Strength ? Where is it?

After nights of sleeping at 5 & not sleeping. Finally has a breakdown,
Was ruuning a high fever. Too tired till I just slept on the carpet till the next day.

Friday was a party night but didn’t club.
Instead I was with loves playing twister , movie marathon , supper & talking.
Twister was challenging. Me and janice was like tied together. hahah, she’s a entangled frog.
Moive marathon(Ninja Assassin, Hear Me). Fann, Janice, Me was like the surviving ones. Gina&Jiamei just KO-ed half-way. We were like happily ogling at Rain’s hot body! F hot! With the pacs.

Had to wake Gina &Jiamei for supper. drove to bukit timah for supper. the pratahouse was like playing some heavy metal music. Crazy lor. 5 in the morning.
Head to fann’s house & we really trashed things out. Updates session, and thou everyone ended crying. But it’s like good cause we know how each other felt.
I really love you girls (:


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