Only you could.

Oh I need my sleep so much!
I’ve been damn busy these days.
Life’s been pretty happening.

Friday , met up with loves and NP volleyball people to plan a surprise for Fann’s birthday.
I still remember her reaction. It’s so funny. She like just scream only!
We were at her house before she came home and all 13 of us hid inside her bedroom.
Well, she took a super long time to open the door can. And we were all wondering when will she come in.

Had a bath and went to meet Jiamei, Richard, Ruvyn, Clifford.
Went to boat quay(: I saw a fight and this women just hit the police. (Y)!
She’s gonna get charged man.
Ying & sharon came to look for us after that and had supper.
I was like totally cannot-make-it.
Sorry jiamei, sharon, ruvyn for troubling you.
Wink my eye for a while and went to Iluma to help out for the graduation showcase.
totally feel like sleeping can. Even ordering food such a simple task, I think that I’m using too much brain cells.

Chiong back home, changed clothes and went out again (:
I know it’s like totally crazy .
Went clubbing @Phuture/Zouk.
Music’s good, company’s good. It was like packed with people, felt like a sardine can.

My ears are still kinda blocked after yesterday.
Nehmind, It’s more important that I enjoyed(:
Other stuffs, secondary.

Slept for awhile and back to iluma (:
Had Manhattan fish market & shared their seafood platter for 2 with murphy.
Awesome stuff man. Super nice (:

And I love polaroids.

Kay , hit the bed.
goodnight love♥


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