Wrong signal? SOS , Please someone rescue me!

I was at school for the Grad showcase briefing.
Had duties on saturday and sunday. Bagus, cause it’s at iluma. Got direct bus from home ((:

Went for lunch with Ho, Loo, Tian,Rong, Leiyi.
I think we had a good laugh over some stuffs. HAHA! Only we shall know 😛

Was studying at clubhouse and waited for Al & Alvin to finish their paper.
They shiok urh, last paper already.
Had dinner @ Alumni & We had baked rice! I like (Y).
Cheese gao gao! My favourite.
❤ I'm feeling like damn tired now.

But I feel very guilty if i go sleep now, SO NO NAPPING! ):
The moment I see my notes, I see stars.
The moment I start writing, I eyelids gets heavier.
I’m so gonna be a dead meatball . )):

This isn’t what I expected.
But still contented (:


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