This ain’t a fairytale.

Hi my lovelies.

It’s kinda sucked to be at home. The weather just makes me feel so lazy.
One moment the sun is out, another moment is rains.
Make me feel so sleepy lurh.
Anyways, My paper is on friday((:
So meaning, I still have 4 & a half days (:
I don’t like to start early cause the things won’t get it. And I’m a super big fan of hugging Buddha’s legs.

Well, to all my loves taking exams tomorrow, FIGHTING! I’ll spread a bundlefull of smartness to you guys tml (:

My saturday was “well” spent at home with ah-tian, the kukuwomen.
We didn’t really do anything except sleeping for the whole afternoon.
Was watching our own shows, and we fell asleep. Then we wake up, and watch shows, and fall asleep again. HAHA! Like a routine. Had pastamania delivery. (Y) Super enjoy life i know.


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