Yes, I miss you.

I’m becoming a fossil fuel. What a boring life i have.
My occupation today was a receptionist. Constantly picking up phone calls.
I’ve been enjoying the pineapple tarts uncle bought. Even the pastry is chewy, awesome stuff man.

Today is a Wednesday, tomorrow is a Thursday and the day after tomorrow is Friday.
Means I have 1 week away from my exam. Good thing is I only have one (:

There’s war at home. Just sucks to the max and there’s only one person responsible for this whole ignition. Thanks so much after coming back from that fucking holiday, and bombing your butt around the whole house. You can merely just get your body on the bed and just fuck care about the household chores. Saying that trying to make life more easier for mum, oh so real is that. And when she comes back and scream at her at the doorstep.. Woah, how is life more easier more her after a whole day at work while you slept till like 2pm ? Wtf is this. If I had the ability to even take care of the family, I’ll just ask her to leave you. Thanks .


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