Never cheat on a girl.

Corrine & Jerry came to fetch me and we went to jerry’s house.
Played Russian poker, Black Jack , Texas Poker.

That is Jerry’s hairy legs :X

4 of us only. Including jerry’s brother. I think he’s called zhenyang?
I think the 2 brothers teach me & ho play till like very pekchek. He’s laughter hor almost blasted my ears. super loud can . Anyways, We wasn’t playing with real money. So just only. Lose also won’t feel the heartache. I lost quite a lot. Nvm nvm.

Drove to Yishun to have like some food. Then we realised the stall wasn’t operating. So we went back to return the car and cab back to my house. My uncle was waiting for me. Then When I reached home, they were not there -.- They left 5 minutes earlier and my ah-ma took the lift before me i guess )):
I just lost a chance to see them .

Rested awhile at my house and went to Alex’s house.
Had dinner there (:

I love the vegetable! And we’ve got yusheng also ((:

Quite nice urh i think.

Jerry & Corrine came back to my house. And we watch Sherlock Holmes (L)!
I just think very shiok and I pretty love my friends to come to my house at late night.
Cause my family all like sleep so early. I’ve no companion for late night movies.
So very the thank you that you guys drop by my house (:

I’ve got a lot of blogs to read.
Sure got highlights (:
I’m not very sure of who reads my blog. Seems like I’m the only one. Nevermind, this are memories that I can share with my son/daughter in the future (:


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