New portion.

Drove family to Ikea and did a little shopping there.
I love speeding on the expressway man, feels awesome(Y)!
Not mentioning I almost bua the kerb and stalled the engine :X
But I’m still a safe driver kays. Take my car car ((:

I bought 1. TV console , 2. Photo frames , 3. Hangers , 4. Daim chocolate bar.
Cost me around 60 total.

Previously My Desktop was on this un-chio computer table.
The color super don’t suit my room. And it’s yellow and dark blue?
I think the designer might have just drag the tool into color bar accidentally.
Actually I’ve been aiming to throw the whole table away.
It had compartments, shelves attached to it.
But as time goes by, I took the screwdriver and un-screw everything, dumping it.
And i took my TV off the mount. Dad mount it to high and I’ve been looking up to the screen.
Now, I FINALLY got rid of the thing.!
Fucking happy!

This was in the past.
Messy table. Too much barang barangs (:

This was the top shelve with a small grey ugly compartment.

And some CD rack at the bottom. And another small shelf in between the sides.
I dismantle everything and became like this.
Few days back I took out the drawer too.
The yellow area in the picture(bottom).

So now. Are you ready to see my new area ?
Steps to Revamping your room.
1. Have an idea of what you want. (make sure it suits your room theme)
2. Get your budget done.
3. Just do it. BO CHAP (:

Haha, death of my TV. CHOYS!

I bought this.

Reason being that I have another shelf in this color and series too (:
And it suits my room theme. Pink, baby purple and beige.

This is kinddingly heavy!

This is my saviour man! The manual!

Happy, so POSE ((:

Time to get work starting (:

Screw screw screw.

Jiang jiang. Done! I very pro hor.
Actually this is nothing. I used to repair the cabinet doors at the previous restaurant that i worked at (:

I did mentioned i bought frames for my pictures right.
My aim is to do a picture wall (:

Of course, In my favorite shade. Pinkkk (L)

Jiang jiang,THE TABLE DONE!

Put my chio TV on it (:

Looks not bad.
So act yi ge connect laptop screen to it.

chio TTM. My sony family. (:

But I wanted to get rid of the computer table.
So I put everything tgt here (:
Kept the another LCD away .
Saves space too (:

HAHAH! Its done!
Now the area looks chio-er.

And this is my picture wall. Still need to get frames and print more pictures (:

So , time to pose for a picture (:

My room gets dusty now and there. So I gotta keep it clean (:
Next target is to get the study table replace and ugly office side drawers. I don’t even know how they pop out. I just use it for my storage of bags, mags, and some stuffs.

I love the new look now!
All thanks to CNY I have the mood to do smth new.

I’ve changed my phone back to ICE CREAM. I didn’t sold it away (:
I still love both my phones (:


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