Mirah Me.

I had a 2 hour lesson at 11.
I woke up at 1040 and I have to do my card replacement (Y).
I reached school at 12 (:
I attended class for 15 minutes.
I was like -.-
I wore slipper to school today cause I had blisters.
I am limiting myself to the no. of meals
I went grocery shopping . Happy women(:
I cleared another module today.
I cooked dinner today.
I have been having headaches recently.
I have to work on Saturday but 1 to 5pm only (:
I hope that there is work on Sunday & Monday. Double pay. $$ . and to keep me occupied on Vday/CNY.
I wished that my family was a little more wealthy so we could afford a small car to let me drive them around.
I drank Malt Vitasoy just now
I had Rittersports white choco with hazelnut. I think Rong & Leiyi would love it too
I am craving for MOS . Just waiting for Ho & Loo my MOS khaki to go together.
I want to go shopping on friday. Hope all of them are going since it’s quite long since we went out.
I am thankful to my classmate KWY, who takes the effort to email the class ERP quiz answers.
I just think my class was cute today (:
I am happy when all my friends around me are happy.

I don’t need a bouquet. If there is,a stalk will do. (:


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